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Traveling With Kids|How To

As we come to the end of another half-term, it is often the time that some parents look for trips away, either back home for a little while or for a family vacation to some place new. However, we understand that it is never easy to travel with kids, and it can even become a difficult and dreaded time that makes a lot of families avoid traveling at all.

We decided to prepare some tips for you in case you are making the braver choice to travel next week with your loved ones.

What can you do to make the experience more pleasurable?


We know that with children, everything just takes so much longer; so, whether this is your first trip in a while with them, or you’re used to it, it’s always a wise decision to set off and prepare a little earlier.


Okay, we know this one is a little easier said than done. But really, if you do stress-out it is only going to make matters a lot worse. Whether it’s unforeseen issues like bad weather, flight delays, vehicle breakdowns, or a child bathroom accident, these issues are inevitable. Becoming stressed out will not help matters at all, and sometimes it’s often best just to do your best and embrace the frustration. At the end of the day, it is going to happen to someone, and sometimes that someone will be you - we cannot help that. So, breathe, remain calm and enjoy the journey!


The time of day you choose to travel can really make all the difference with your child travel experience. Choosing to travel between 11 am and 4 pm can help you avoid traffic and not having to wake-up your children at ridiculous hours. So instead of waking up a cranky child and sitting in traffic for hours on end, planning your travel time is really crucial. It is also a good idea (if your child is very young) to align their nap time with your travel times/car rides to give you that extra hour of peace and quiet J


Charge all your devices because this is going to be a long day. Most flights now have televisions and all of that for entertainment for kids. But is it worth just relying on that to be available? We have probably all had a bad experience one way or the other with inflight entertainment; so, to be safe, charge all your devices, and pre-download any television series, or games that you and your children may enjoy.


Parents do not do this enough but choosing a place to stay with a kitchen is so helpful. You will have access to a fridge, stove and microwave and it will be fantastically convenient. Some of you might think, well that is going to be very expensive. However, even if you pay a little more for the room, you’ll save on restaurant bills and other conveniences. Choosing a place with age-appropriate amenities can really make the experience go a lot more smoother.

The list of tips and tricks would really be endless, and there is a lot of great advice out there on the internet. However, we found a suitable checklist for you if you feel that you could benefit from it that you can use when you’re planning to travel: https://travelmamas.com/packing-lists/travel-with-children-checklist/

Let us know if you have any personal tips and tricks to share with other parents of Edison Unlocked. Leave us your advice in the comments section below.

Also, it would be lovely to see some pictures of your travels if any of you are planning to over the short holiday! Get our students to send in the pictures so that we can see all what you get up to.

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