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Teaching your Children to Make Their Own Lunch| How To

It is so important that our children learn independence, and by involving them into daily duties such as making lunch, it will really help introduce new skills that our children need throughout their life.

Children will always need correcting and guiding when learning new things and when it comes to what the children make for their lunch, it is important that we support them with this so that they continue to get all of their daily required nutrition.

Here are some tips and tricks to help support:

Provide Guidelines

Post a chart on the fridge with lunch fixings sorted by category. You can actually find these on Pinterest, or you can make your own. Typically the categories are divided between protein, fruit, vegetables, grains, and snacks. Providing the children with guidelines will ensure that despite their new lunch-building journey , they will still have the basic guidance on how they can remain healthy and eat a well-balanced diet by their own choices.

As for foods that need to be cooked in advance and by an adult, these should be prepared in advance and left in the correct conditions for the right amount of days so that they remain fresh and to be accessible for the children safely.

Plan Plan Plan

Doing things last minute is something we often all experience often…(I am sure we can all be a little guilty of this). But when it comes down to preparing meals for the children, doing things last minute can be a lot more stressful in the long-run. Therefore, we really do recommend that you plan in advance! We are not saying that you should meal/shop-prep a week ahead but at least making some plans 24 hours in advance would be helpful…or even the night before would be more useful than leaving it until last minute.

Making the children prepare their own lunch the night before school or even on the weekend will make the mornings run a lot smoother and productively…whilst avoiding the what’s for lunch? stresses causing a sour start.


Talk to your children about this new routine. This is the perfect time to ask them questions about what they enjoy having for lunch, show them where everything is stored, how to pack a lunch-box adequately and how to use basic utensils safely. Maybe you could try and get them even more involved by asking them to come with you to the grocery store and help with the pushing of the trolley, loading the groceries into the car and unpacking into the kitchen. If you tend to cook chicken or other proteins for their lunch-box and plan to store this, maybe it would be a nice idea to get them involved also?

Let us know what you think! It would be lovely to hear back that more of our students are working towards gaining more independence.

We hope you enjoyed this informational blog post! Don’t forget that if you have a story to share with us that you think will benefit others, please contact us through our social media platforms.

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