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Ramadan Prep

Ramadan is Coming!

The countdown for Ramadan begins. With the start of the Holy Month only 8 days away, it is the perfect time to start your preparations (if you celebrate).

We all know that Ramadan does have its own challenges despite it being a beautiful month of peace. But there are a few steps and choices you can make to make the step into this month easier.

1. Cut down on caffeine

Sudden caffeine withdrawal usually results in a headache and that’s not a good way to start this spiritual month so it’s better to get through the withdrawal stage a few days before Ramadan begins.

2. Set-up an exercise routine

Exercising before Iftar is the best time to do so. You can find some online YouTube routines. Go check some out.

3. Stock-up on necessities

Save yourself daily grocery shopping trips and stock-up on necessities so that you’re all-ready in advance. Fasting can be quite tiring and doing this will make the day easier and there won’t need to be any last-minute trips to the supermarket.

4. Prepare some meals for the freezer

It is so important to make sure you eat nutritious food in Ramadan due to only having a short period of time where you can eat. So, to do this, in the most prepared way is to prepare some meals for the freezer in advance so that on days you feel lethargic and lazy to cook something, you will still be able to find something nutritious and already cooked in the freezer ready for the oven.

5. Try some days to fast before Ramadan to prepare, it will be less of a shock!

Would you be interested in us posting some Ramadan recipes during the Holy Month of Ramadan? Or would you rather we share with you some bloggers accounts globally who are planning to share some recipes!

Let us know!

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