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Podcasts for our Secondary School Students | Educational

Podcasts are a great way to learn new knowledge and we thought the blog would be the perfect place to share some recommendations we have with you.

Today we are recommending podcasts suitable for our Secondary School students as we feel they may have the most interest as we approach the last week of term-2 and they will have more time on their shoulders available after their exams.

Podcasts are so powerful! They are an easy accessible, portable, digital, purposeful and entertaining way to utilize time without the need to pick-up and read a book.

You can learn so many new things whilst on the go! You can listen to a podcast at the gym, in the car, walking with your friends, in the grocery store, and even before you go to sleep.

Being a part of the digital era that we find ourselves in today means our screen time is rocket-high, and this can be draining on your body without you even realizing. Studies show that the brain is more active while listening to podcasts than when watching television. This is because podcasts require listeners to use their imagination rather than spoon-feeding with visual accompaniment. So to stimulate your imagination, download a podcast today!

Here are some of our recommendations:

We hope you have a look into becoming a podcast listener over the weekend. It will really benefit your mind and knowledge. Good-luck and let us know how you get on and if you can recommend to us any podcasts that you have enjoyed.

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