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Let’s All Be A Good Friend!| How To

“Be Kind. For everyone is fighting a war you know nothing about.”

This quote has a very strong meaning, and we believe it is very important for all of you to hear and to understand. We often only comprehend people’s emotions when they state that they are going through hardship - and only then we sympathize and show empathy and kindness towards them.

However, being kind and empathetic should not only be shown when we know someone is going through a difficult time. As the quote implies, we don’t and will never know about everything that others are going through in their life, and therefore it is important to be considerate of others’ feelings in every situation.

So, how can we be a better friend?


There are no real friendships that develop overnight and without a little effort. Spending some time together is the greatest way to be a good friend. Giving others time to share troubles and experiences, and simply enjoying the time spent together are all contributing factors for what it takes to be a good friend.


A common issue that we witness today is that friends are constantly competing with each other and don’t feel truly happy for their friends’ achievements. You should encourage your friend and want the best for them. Motivate them to do better and achieve great things. Life is not a competition about who achieves better. No one can be you - that is your gift and vice versa, therefore it is important that you support each other’s dreams and show your loyalty.


We are all human and often we need to confide in each other about any problems we are facing. Usually, we would seek someone we can trust and someone who is close to us to do so. Showing interest in both the good and bad of your friends’ life is equally as important. Keeping real and honest is also important, when asked for advice from friends. It is not only paramount to listen, but also to actually respond when necessary and to keep the responses real and down-to-earth when guiding them away from poor decisions.

Now, your task for the week is to reflect and think … are you being a good friend? Is there something that you can do better? Right now, all of our students are online-learning, and we are soon expected to be returning back to the classrooms.

With this, there will undoubtedly be a few students feeling a little anxious and apprehensive about coming back. So, let’s all do our duty and make the transition back as comfortable as possible for everyone.

Until then, get in touch with your classmates and follow the above 3 points to become a better friend.

Let us know how you all get on!

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