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Learn a New Language Young! |Online-Methods

A lot of our students at Edison, Aspire are already bilingual or multilingual speakers and that is the great benefit of living in a country that has such a vast amount of different nationalities from all over the world.

However, learning a new language never goes to waste and learning a new language for a child is so much easier than for an adult.

Some people say that once a kid reaches their early teenage years, that their chance of becoming fluent in a new language decreases dramatically. Although this is might be the case, in our eyes it is never too late to learn. We aren’t saying that it is not possible, but according to a study done in 2018, it is more than highly likely that a child who learns below the age of 10 becomes fluent and progresses through the new language learning process easier than those older.

We want to share with you some online platforms that can support your child learn a new language!


a. Muzzy is an animated, fun platform from the BBC’s who’s answer to language learning for all ages is the interactive method, rather than traditional “teaching.”

b. The online program is affordable for $14.66 per month, or save by going with a semi-annual or annual plan.

c. The program will introduce your child to 600+ vocabulary words and cover everyday topics.

d. Muzzy is great low-pressure way to expose kids to a second language at any age and will confidently take them through all the levels of the language.


a. Duolingo is a popular language-learning programs online.

b. They have bite-sized game-like experiences. It uses repetition and different interactive activities to embed vocabulary into your mind and keep it fresh.

c. Learners are given little tasks. The idea is, the more of these teenie tiny tasks they do, the better they’ll remember.

d. Duolingo is free, but a premium subscription is available for $12.99 per month.

What language would you be interested in learning? Leave us a comment down below!

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