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Indoor Vegetable Garden| Let’s grow our own!

Not everyone has a big outdoor garden with space suitable for gardening; however, this does not necessarily mean that you cannot make your own little vegetable garden inside your home. It doesn’t need to be only vegetables; it can equally be some fruits or herbs as they are just as easy to grow in indoor conditions. With the right set-up, having a small indoor garden cannot only be useful to put flavours into your cooking, it can also have a pleasing effect on the eye and positively influence your overall mood and well-being.

With the ever-changing environment we find ourselves in today, there is a growing value towards sustainable living and the concept of a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating habits; all of this is possible for you to do in the comfort of your own homes.

Two very important things to consider include space and lighting. You would be shocked to see how many things can grow in just a limited space. A small, but sunny window in your kitchen is a perfect space for growing herbs, for example.

So where do you start?

Its easy! Firstly, buy some good quality soil so that it will provide your seeds with all the nutrients they need to sprout and grow. Then, find yourself some containers for the plants; remember that the containers will need to have holes for drainage on the bottom and should have an appropriate size so that your plants have room to grow (you can always make a quick trip to IKEA, where you can find a great selection of soil and plant pots). Pot your plants and place them in the space you have designated. All you need to do now, is to water them carefully so thy can thrive and grow!

So how do we know when it’s time to water our plants?

The best way to check if your plants need water is by touching the soil with your finger to identify if it feels moist or dry. If dry, it is time to water your plants! Be careful not to put too much water into the pot – you do not want your plants to swim!

When choosing what vegetables, fruits, and herbs to grow, do some research to find out what plants grow well together and in similar conditions.

Some Ideas of What to Grow in the Indoor Garden


o Chives

o Cilantro

o Scallions

o Rosemary

o Sage

o Basil

Fruits and Veggies

o Lettuce

o Spinach

o Tomatoes

o Swiss Chard

Plants and Flowers

o Geranium

o Fuchsias

o Begonias

With a little preparation and some prior planning, indoor gardening can be a true success and bring a nurturing environment to your home. Gardening can improve many aspects of mental health, focus, and concentration.

Just looking at the details of gardening can reduce negative thoughts and feelings; it can make you feel better in the moment and relieve stress. Gardening, even if only indoors, can reduce anxiety, depression, and other mental issues. For those parents who are not intrigued by the gym or any other form of exercise, this is a nice way to keep your children busy but also to teach them the responsibility to care for their plants.

As we are all spending extra time at home, it is the perfect chance to involve the whole family in this activity. This type of family setting takes teamwork to achieve the desired result which can also benefit your mental health by increasing your social interactions within the family and with it, build a stronger, supportive bond among your loved ones.

Why don’t you give it a go?

Whether you decide on just planting one plant, or more, it will be a great experience and you don’t have to miss out on the green nature and soothing effect that comes with a large outdoor garden.

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