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Household Chores| Responsibilities

Updated: Jan 6

Teaching children basic life skills is very important so that they grow up knowing how to be an independent contributing member to the family and society in general. As parents, we often feel that assigning our children tasks in and around the house will overburden them and some will find that giving children chores creates more work for themselves in the end. However, it is beneficial to put these thoughts aside and aim at including our children where possible so that they grow up learning skills that they will use continuously for the foreseeable future.

Each age group has different capabilities, and this is why we thought it would be a great opportunity to give you all some ideas of household chores and responsibilities that the children can be included in as per their age group, so they can develop important character traits such as pride, responsibility, accountability and self-reliance.

Now that the children are back to 100% online learning, it is the perfect time to start to implement such activities whilst they have more time in the house.

Children at a young age are often seen to be mimicking our movements. As parents, we are often guilty for saying "NO" to these movements of interest as we often want the chore completed faster and more effectively. However, such a reaction from us is the main cause for children growing up believing the chores should be completed by parents or caregivers only.

The children's interest and their natural curiosity are the perfect opportunity to begin giving them responsibilities and chores so that they learn young and learn new age-appropriate life skills as they mature.

Here are some age-appropriate ideas that you can follow:

Toddler Chores (Age 2-3)

  • Bring plate and cup to the sink after a meal

  • Straighten covers on the bed

  • Put dirty clothes into the basket

  • Transporting clean laundry back to family members rooms

  • Wipe up spills

Preschooler Chores (Age 4-5)

  • All above chores

  • Make the bed

  • Help put clothes in washing machine/dryer

  • Help put clothes away

  • Dusting

  • Feed animals

  • Water flowers

Lower Primary School Chores (Age 6-8)

  • All above chores

  • Set table

  • Wash dishes in sink

  • Put clean clothes away on own

  • Collect garbage around the house

  • Sweep

  • Vacuum

  • Get mail

  • Put away groceries

  • Wash car

Upper Primary School Chores (Age 9-11)

  • All above chores

  • Help in meal preparation

  • Clean bathroom sinks, counters, mirrors

  • Walk dogs

  • Help make/pack lunch

  • Change sheets on bed

Secondary School Chores (Ages 12-14)

  • All above chores

  • Clean showers/tub

  • Wash/Dry clothes – using both washing machine and dryer

  • Mop floors

  • Gardening work

  • Help supervise younger children

Highschool Chores (Age 14+)

  • All chores for younger age kids listed above

  • Any chore the household might have will be age appropriate by now and they should be included in all of these so that they are prepared and ready for the responsibilities of adult life!

Utilising our children's time whilst being home more than usual is a great way to keep them occupied and active. Not only will completing chores contribute to their level of responsibility and independence, but it will also contribute to their self-reliance skills, teamworking skills, family bonding time and lastly, it will reinforce respect.

Why don’t you try it out? You never know, and your child may even enjoy helping out and having responsibilities!

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