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Happy Egg’orating| Yes, You Heard us Right!

A perfect relaxing afternoon activity as a family… yes it is possible. The answer to this statement is that you can do some egg decorating. Although this might sound a little weird right now, as you read on, it will start to make much more sense.


Step 1: Fill saucepan with water, place on the stove and add your eggs. Bring water to a boil and then reduce the heat and let the eggs simmer for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and add cold water to stop the eggs from cooking.

Step 2: Make sure you're wearing an apron, because activity REALLY can get messy.

Step 3: Fill cups halfway with hot water, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar and one teaspoon of food coloring, one for each color you want to use.

Once your eggs and dye are ready, place the egg in the color you want, leave it for 5 minutes and when you lift it out with your tongs you will have a perfectly dyed egg!

Also remember you can paint your eggs normally, and use all types of materials to make them look amazing. You can use pipe cleaners, glitter, stick-on goggly eyes, fabrics, and really anything you can think of that is easy to glue on to an egg-shell.

You can turn your eggs into Disney characters, little people, animals, or just super colorful and funky looking eggs.

A great way to get some design inspiration is Pinterest and we recommend that you have a look on there for some ideas.

Other than this just being a nice and fun idea for the family to do together, there is also so many benefits to it for the individual.

Painting allows us to:

· Cultivates Emotional Growth

· Expands Creative Growth

· Enhances Problem-Solving and Motor Skills

· Promotes Stress Relief

· Bolsters Memory

· Stimulates an Optimistic Attitude.

We would love for you to send us some pictures of your creations if any of you decide to do take part in this! All creations will be showcased on our social media pages. We cannot wait to see some.

Happy egg-corating!

Look at these pictures below for some ideas:

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