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Exam Week|Prep

As we head into exam week starting Monday 28th of February, we thought it is the perfect time to give our students some additional tips and tricks to help them succeed throughout the coming weeks.

Before we get into the typical textbook study tips, we want to start with the most important one:

1. Eat right!

a. There is no magic food that will help you specifically succeed but you can support your body in doing so. Getting at least 6-8 hours sleep a night, eating 3-meals a day and drinking 1.5 liters a day will genuinely make you feel more awake and fresher. This doesn’t mean you should eat 3 unhealthy meals from fast-food chains per day or drinking 1.5 liters of Pepsi, but instead eat a balanced diet from all food categories and sticking to water will truly help your brain function better.

Diet distribution example as follows:

2. Study in groups!

a. We often recommend that you study individually in a quiet place and keep your head down to avoid talking to others. But studying with others can actually be very beneficial. When working with others who are focusing on the same material as yourself, you will hear and see things from the eyes of a different perspective and in a way that you did not acknowledge previously. You can make this approach fun and enjoyable between your friends by alternating who’s house you will all be studying at. It provides everyone with a chance to get out of their own home to a new environment, revise and get a broader perspective of the subject among others and the opportunity to apply your knowledge and teach others.

3. Create a study plan!

a. Creating a study plan well in advance will help the student stay on track of everything and be well prepared. You should create a study schedule catered to yourself. We are all different paced learners so it is important you create a study plan that suits yourself. Whether you prefer to work hard for 30 minutes and follow this by a 10 minute break in intervals throughout the day or vice versa, this should be done to fit your needs so that you work to your full potential and not study to someone else’s preferences.

b. Structure yourself! Do not pull all-nighters!

4. Take notes early on!

a. You would be surprised how often your teachers are leaving you exam hints on the white-board in lesson time. Why don’t you ensure you keep note of these important things being said and write them down for your revision time? We forget 70% of what we learned in 24-hours so it is so important you keep note of important things being taught in the classroom so that you can visualize it and study it later on.

We hope this helps you and gives you more confidence towards your upcoming exams! Good luck everyone!

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