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Educational Documentaries | What to Watch this Week!

This week, we thought we would recommend to you something a little different to normal.

We know that you all love to watch Netflix, and with the half-term break just around the corner, when would be a better time to recommend some educational documentaries for you all to watch other than now?

1. The Social Dilemma

This documentary addresses the effect of social media on mental health. Which in the digital era we find ourselves in, today. is really important to understand the consequences of social media and the digital world. Social media's design promotes an addiction, manipulates people's views, emotions, and behavior, and spreads conspiracy theories and disinformation to maximize profit.

2. Seaspiracy

This documentary highlights on passion about ocean life, as a filmmaker sets out to bring awareness about the harm that humans do to marine species and uncovers alarming forms of global corruption and advocates for ending fish consumption. It argues that commercial fisheries are the main driver of marine ecosystem destruction. Seaspiracy rejects the concept of sustainable fishing and criticizes several marine conservation organisations, including the Earth Island Institute and its dolphin safe label and the sustainable seafood certifications of the Marine Stewardship Council. It also criticises efforts by organisations to reduce household plastic, given the impact of ghost nets.

3. Explained

This series is great for people who want to keep up with those topics that everyone has heard about but doesn’t really understand. Each episode is approximately 18 - 20 minutes long. Episodes are informal and very easy to watch. The series covers many topics; currently there are 44 episodes. Just to get an idea of what possible topics are available, we have decided to list a few for you:

· Why Women are Paid Less

· The World’s Water Crisis

· Kpop

· The Next Pandemic

· The Future of Meat

· Designer DNA

We hope that you enjoy these recommendations and try and watch these educational documentaries over the half-term break. If you also have any recommendations you’d like to share with the rest of our Edison Aspire community, please do make sure you leave a comment down below!

Enjoy J


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