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Being a Positive Parent| How To

Whether you’re a parent to a child or a teenager, it is always a challenge. We understand that some days are easier than others and we often find ourselves trying to just change our child’s behavior. What we often fail to think about is, what if we changed our parenting styles instead?

With making a few tweaks to our approach to parenting, our day-to-day life with our children can become less stressful and a more enjoyable experience and this should reflect on our children’s behavior.

Here is what you need to do:

1. Lower expectations!

Kids are just kids and having these great expectations for them are just unrealistic and not age-appropriate! Not every child will be the same, and not ever single child will be perfect. There will be times when they do disappoint but this is the normal part of growing up. It is clear that when us adults were also their age, we most likely did the same, or even worse :o . Therefore if you lower your expectations, there will be less room for frustrating parenting and negativity.

2. Connect instead of correct!

Connecting with your child is so important and can actually make parenting a little less challenging. The reason behind this is because when your child and you can connect, they will most likely become a better listener to what you require and therefore will have a domino effect on their behaviors also. Of-course we know it is sometimes impossible to not correct your child when they are wrongdoing, but if you try to connect with your child first about it, then maybe things can be fixed before they need reprimanding.

Even when your child is not rule-breaking, connecting with them daily is an important and healthy step to make. Children who feel connected to their parents have higher self-esteem, are more confident and make better decisions.

3. Parent the child you have, not the one you want!

Delete all of your ideas of what your child would be like before they were born and really take a good look at the child you have in the present moment and be proud of who they are. Each child is different, with different qualities, flaws, and personalities and should be parented in a way that suits their needs and personality. In this life, everyone is different and its important you believe how special that is. What one might do could be better done by another, but that does not mean the parent should try to mold them.

4. Change your perspective!

At every age, our perspective on things alter and that is just a part of life. Many times parents dismiss kids' feelings because they view them as immature or overdramatic. But this is not the case, it is only that they don’t know how to comprehend what they are facing like us adults that we can.

When your child is upset, take a step back, don't judge and view the situation through your child's eyes. Doing so will make it easier for the child to communicate with you and feel connected on a different level. This can also make the child feel safe and content because their thoughts, feelings and opinions are being tolerated well.

We hope these few points help the parents who are finding the school work and life a little challenging and now know the best way to approach your children to avoid such challenges and express positivity at home that will not only have a good healthy impact on you, but also the children’s behavior and how to react to things.

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