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Aspire Park Activities | Located by EIA

At Edison, Aspire, we are located so close to Aspire Park; in fact, it is right next to our staff parking! A lot of people just go there for a walk about and to get some exercise, but did you know there are actually many activities that you can enjoy?

One of the popular activities that you can do at the park is to go and see the lake. Here you can have a big dose of nature and see some ducks and other types of birds. On this lake, you can pay between QR 20 - 50 for a pedal boat, kayak, and walking ball rides. It is a perfect activity for the children on a weekday or weekend. Don’t worry, they will be allocated lifejackets to keep them afloat and safe.

Another little adventure, especially for the tiny tots is to go and visit the water fountain, especially in the nighttime when the colourful lights are on. Those who are brave can walk under it, maybe you will get a little soaked, but if you run fast enough and cross the bridge, you might make it to the other side still dry! That’s just a maybe though.

Scattered around the park, you can now find some cafes, little food trucks, juice stalls and restaurants, although there is still not too many, there is a much bigger selection than previous years.

Aspire Park is actually a very peaceful place in Qatar. Visitors are able to sit back and relax as the day turns from dusk to dawn. Right now, the weather is still quite nice for a family picnic, and with Aspire Park having a good few hills located around the park, it’s the perfect location to sit back with a picnic blanket and enjoy the sunset from above (or do some exercise running up and down the hills).

Where can you find them?

The side facing Villagio’s luxury carpark, you can find Burgeri, a delicious burger shack and Sugar & Spice for the perfect dessert or light lunch. As for coffee, there is the Coffeeshop Company beside the lake, central of the park. Along Furousiya Street, you will be able to also have your daily dose of Starbucks if that is what you’re looking for. Don’t forget there are also plenty of food trucks within the park scattered around.

We hope you make the most of the new few weeks before the weather becomes a hot furnace again and head down to Aspire Park!

There are many other parks in Qatar also, can you recommend one to us? Let us know in the comments.

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