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After School Extra Curricular Activities | Get Involved

Taking part in after-school curricular activities is a fantastic opportunity for students to find a hidden talent or passion for a new activity. It is a great way for them to push themselves even if they are tired after their normal school day. There are so many additional benefits that come with taking part in these activities. Even universities will look into what the student has completed in high-school as part of their extra-curriculars and use this to assess how well-rounded the applicant is.

Not only this; taking part in these activities will increase the students’ social interactions whilst under supervision, so it will provide them with a chance to develop their communication and social skills, as well as keep the older ones away from dangerous activities under-supervision.

Phycologists say that is can also contribute to students’ competence and mastery, which is important for their self-esteem and identity development.

At Edison, Aspire we provide great extra-curricular activities for our students and are only looking to evolve with this over time and meet the needs and wants of not only our Aspire community but also that of the wider community.

Did you know we are the first school to provide weekly Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu classes for our students? The students have an opportunity to train with the Brazillian Professor Marcelo Da Silva, a 6x European Champion in BJJ. If you are interested in this for your children, please contact through WhatsApp on: 55758964. You can also add Marcelo’s Instagram account to see and learn more @marcelorefor_bjj_qatar

We have also just re-opened our new and improved swimming pool on school premises! And we are lucky to have been given the opportunity for swimming classes with H20 to start. Term classes are due to start on February 20th. If you would like more information on this, please call H20 directly on 55641475.

Don’t forget we also provide many other extra-curricular activities involving academics, sports, crafts, fashion, cooking and much more. To learn more about this, please contact Ms. Rasha on 50053561.

Our extra-curricular programs are not only open to students studying at Edison, Aspire, but also to the wider community. So, if you know someone who is interested, do help us spread the word! As the saying goes ‘The More, The Merrier’!

We would love to hear your feedback and any recommendations that you may all have with regards to after-school enrichment programs. Please drop us a comment below or private message us on our social media platforms and let us know what other activities you would enjoy having available at school!

We hope to see you all ready for a dive into the school pool or knuckle-punch ready for your jiu-jitsu class!

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